Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Turkey Puppet

Peek-a-Gobble Gobble Gobble

Well it is November and time to get started getting the Lil' guy to understand Thanksgiving. (I plan to tell all sides of that story when he's old enough but that's another blog.) So today we made a Turkey Puppet. Painting, glueing, taping... what's not to enjoy with a toddler? Other than the essentials (glue, sissors, tape, etc.) here is a pic of the supplies:

This is a two part project so I broke it up between early morning and afternoon to let the paint dry. It could be a two day project just the same. Either way I suggest having extra paper around to paint because they usually want to paint more than just the necessary materials. As well as extra stuff to glue so they don't overdo the project.
We took the sponges and used the orange and brown paint to paint the cardboard circle. I had every intention of using paper plates for this but I had these around from my 2 week stint in cake baking, they now have a new purpose :-).
Using the sponges quickly turned into using hands... tis okay, baby wipes and a little soap and water will fix that! Besides its much more fun this way.
Useful Info: I use a thick piece of poster board (the kind that has the styraphome stuff on the inside) to put down under painting projects or other somewhat messy activities. Its easy clean up, just let dry and reuse. Its also helpful to put projects on to dry if you need to move them from place to place.

After precutting all of the construction paper in the correct shapes I then let the lil' guy help with the glueing.

Thankfully it dries clear :-)Afterward I taped a papertowel roll to the back for something to hold it up. And when all the parts are put together you get a great turkey puppet to play peek-a-gobble gobble gobble with!
The glue is still wet here:

But eventually dried as he held it while he was watching Dora...

I'm sure we will have fun with these for a long time... remember to date the back and put it away with your fall decorations so you can play with it next year too!

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  1. This is so cute! I think I should start bring Atticus over on craft days :)